Thursday, January 24, 2013

In the Interim

My first semester at college has been absolutely amazing; however, I haven't had enough time to post anything regarding what I've made since last summer! The first photo is Aphra, a 17th century rag doll I made over my winter break. She's OOAK, hand-stitched and stuffed with natural wool roving. The second photo is Emeline, an 18th century rag doll who is OOAK and stuffed with natural wool roving. The next four photos are of my Queen Anne doll, Charity, for whom I made my first genuine attempt at an 18th century Polonaise gown. I hand-stitched this OOAK, original gown. The last photo is a pig stuffed with natural wool roving and sewn from a Gail Wilson pattern. I also made a Gail Wilson Raggedy Andy, and haven't gotten around to making Raggedy Ann yet. I'll post photos of them once they're finished!