Friday, May 25, 2012

A Nameless Rag Doll

I have yet to name this doll, but I imagine it being something befitting of a girl of the mid-nineteenth century. As a girl of that era, she wears a pink calico frock, muslin pantalettes, and a muslin apron. Her hair is one plait made of the type of yarn intended for washcloths and the like. I quite like it in this context -- it's endearing, but without the frizzy wisps that acrylic yarn unwinds into!
I've actually gone and hemmed everything quite neatly this time...
And the French knots I used for her eyes have stayed!
She's such an endearing creature; yet I cannot think of a name!


  1. Beautiful dolly. I used to have the hardest time coming up with names. We have a historical society in Taney County that is on line. One day I was looking at the section that listed all the marriages in 1840 and I copied all the ladies names. Wow, I was so excited to see all the unusual names for that time period. I have names for more dolls than I can make, and problem solved!!