Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spring is Finally Here!

I've been away for a while, sorting out all things college-related, but it's all been decided, and with the end of senior year in sight, I have time to get back to blogging! For Christmas, I received my very first reproduction mid-nineteenth century china head doll! Her name is Civility, and she was purchased from the Elizabeth Stewart Clark Sewing Academy. She's impeccably crafted, and by far one of the most beautiful dolls in my collection. She was such a delight to dress in historically-accurate mid-nineteenth century garb!
What a charming visage!
This dress was made from red calico and has cuffed bishop sleeves and a front-fastening bodice. It is lined with muslin, and the "buttons" are decorative French knots of crochet thread. This was my first time making a front-fastening dress with a placket. I just love the full sleeves!
Her tiny feet are just precious! This was also my first time making period-correct undergarments. Civility wears muslin underthings, which include split drawers, a petticoat, a chemise, and stays.
Here are her stays and chemise.
And her tiny hands!
I love her hairstyle -- it's elegant, but not too fancy for everyday wear, which enables me to dress her in a variety of styles.
Her bonnet was made from an online tutorial, and the summer sontag pattern came with the rest of her clothing patterns. I feel that this would be a lovely ensemble for a springtime stroll!
I really love this bonnet!
This is the first dress that I made for Civility. I'm not a huge fan of the open coat sleeve, but I do so love the look of undersleeves! This one also has faux buttons down the front. The only difference between the two dresses, really, is the fabric and sleeve style.
I made this valise by altering the scale from another one of Elizabeth Stewart Clark's doll patterns -- it's the perfect size for aprons, shawls and the like.
I also received this reproduction of Godey's "How to Dress a Doll," which contains instructions, but no patterns. I have yet to complete a project outlined in it, but it's a fascinating example of a text from that era.


  1. Civility is so lovely,and you have done a wonderful job on her clothing. I am glad to see a post from you!!!!!

  2. Thank you! It's good to be back - everything has been so hectic for the past couple of months!