Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Springtime Gown for Charity

In light of the new warm weather, I thought that my reproduction Queen Anne doll, Charity, could use a new gown. She was a gift for a past birthday -- she's from the 1995 UFDC convention! She came with clothes of her own, but I wanted so badly to dress her myself in 18th century garb! She wears a shift, pannier hoops, a petticoat, and a pocket as underthings. I have yet to figure out how to construct a pair of 18th century stays. She also wears a mobcap.
The new gown is a pink print with a modesty piece, ruffled sleeves, and gathers in the back to simulate the tapes of a robe anglaise.
Brown ribbon laces down the front of her bodice.
And here's some sleeve details!
I think Charity finds true solace in the gardens.


  1. I love Charity's new clothing. She's a beautiful doll. Below is a link to The Ladys Repository Museum and blogspot. If you have never been to this site you will find it very interesting. She has some sewing posts that are very informative.
    Fondly, Sherri

  2. Thank you! And yes, this is one of my favorite blogs!